RIB offers its Customers individual services. The main characteristics of these services are speed, flexibility and competence:

  • Speed – we make decisions quickly and make all bank operations quickly. This makes the granting of loans to Customers and the execution of specific instructions fast and efficient.
  • Flexibility – we have time to talk to our Customers. Then we can agree on individual prices for services, individual schedules and all other individual features which can help the Customer to develop his business.
  • Competence – we employ highly professional and experienced specialists who will listen to your needs and will help to find the best solution for them.

When we provide our high quality services we do not overlook the provision of security and confidentiality. We understand that these factors have a positive effect on the loyalty and confidence that Customers have in us.

Description of financial services and information about consumer rights Customers can get also on the web page, supported by European Commission. By informing articles, advices, examples and test help it is possible to improve the understanding of the appropriate area.

General Operation Terms

Service pricelist for residents

Service pricelist for non-residents