No company can successfully operate today without using credit. As part of our services to our Customers in the development of their business, the bank can always offer solutions to any credit problems or difficulties Customers may have.

We offer our loans services to both Latvian and foreign companies, as well as private individuals with a reasonably high income who wish to buy or build a new family home or to develop their business activities. As a result of our long-term cooperation with the Bank of Ukraine (“Банк Пивдения”), we can also issue loan to Customers whose collateral is located in the Ukraine.

The two main advantages of the loan that we provide for Customers are flexibility and speed.

Like other banks, we offer our Customers loans for supplementing their working capital, long-term credit for the acquisition or construction of buildings or the acquisition of capital assets. However, unlike other banks, we are able to devote more attention to studying the situation of our Customers, enabling us to understand the nuances of the business. Consequently we can reduce formalities and decrease the time needed for processing the loan.
Our Credit Managers will not only help you choose the best credit solution but will also offer advice on the details associated with the issue and administration of your loan.

If you wish to take out a loan for the acquisition, construction or reconstruction of a building or for the long-term acquisition of capital assets, then we offer our Customers Long-term investment financing.

If you want a loan for production development, the acquisition of machinery, equipment or commodities, then we offer our Customers Loan for increasing working capital.
We have significant experience in Trade finance, therefore we regard ourselves as specialists in providing this service to our Customers quickly and professionally.
If one of our Customers  imports or exports goods and regularly buys goods from foreign partners or sells goods to them, then we offer a selection of Documentary services to decrease the risks involved in the transaction.

When consulting our Loan Managers, our Customers need only tell us the purpose of the loan, because we will suggest the most appropriate type of loan the best repayment schedule, the type of interest rates and service fees.

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