Loans for increasing working capital

Trade finance

We are aware that in buying a consignment of new goods, companies need access to large reserves not readily available on a daily basis. Similarly, finance is needed in cases where the goods to be exported are still in the warehouse. Our short-term loans enable Customers to find this finance.

Short-term loans

We offer short-term loans up to 1 year, and this is most expedient in those cases where it is necessary to finance part of the sales volume of a company, increase stocks or respond to other short-term changes that may have arisen in the sales process.

Credit line

A credit line enables Customers to obtain a loan when they need to pay an urgent bill but there are not sufficient funds in the account.
We particularly recommend a credit line to those Customers whose sales volume fluctuate and are difficult to forecast, because a credit line will ensure you always have a specific amount of working capital available. You will also only have to pay interest on the amount of money used, not on the full amount issued on your credit line.

All these working capital options enable your capital to work for you – call our
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