Non - residents

Private individual

Personal identity document

Legal Entity

1. A document certifying the registration of the company (Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation etc.) *

2. Company Memorandum of Association (UK)/ Company Certificate (US) *

3. Minutes of the meeting of the shareholders, Power of Attorney etc. *

4. The  Register of Shareholders or/and other documents certifying the owners or shareholders of the company (Nominee Agreement, Declaration of Trust etc.

5. Passports of the authorized signatories and/or copies of the passports of senior officers and/or copies of passports of shareholders - in those cases when they own 10% or more of shares. A copy of a passport must identify: the first name and surname of a person, personal code (if applicable), passport number, date and place of issue, date of validation, photograph, signature and nationality

6. Certificate of Good Standing in those cases where a legal entity has been registered for longer than a year *

7. Any other documents required by the bank

* Documents have to be legalised (for example: Apostille, consular legalization and etc., dependent upon the company’s registration country).
If documents are in a language other than English they must be translated into Latvian, Russian or English and certified by a notary