Personal Current Account Switching

AS “Reģionālā investīciju banka” is the participant of the Deposit Guarantee Fund within the meaning of the Deposit Guarantee Law and it provides a payment account switching service to individuals, where a Customer wishes to transfer payment relations or a part thereof to the Bank in euro from another payment service provider registered in the Republic of Latvia.

The Bank shall independently coordinate the whole transition process with the former payment service provider starting with the transfer of the account balance to closing the former payment account.

In order to use the payment account switching service, you have to:

  1. visit the Bank in Riga, 2 J.Alunana St., Latvia;
  2. present the identification document;
  3. complete the Account switching request separately for each payment account;
  4. open a payment account unless this has been already done.

Account switching cannot be performed in cases where:

  • there is a loan agreement linked to the account;
  • there is a securities account linked to the account;
  • there is a deposit account linked to the account;
  • there are other circumstances due to which it is not possible to execute the orders specified in the Account switching request.