Individual Safe - Deposit Boxes

We offer our Customers the security of safe-deposit boxes for safekeeping of documents, jewellery, funds and other material valuables in a specially equipped bank depository.

The safe-deposit box service will be particularly useful for the Customers:

  • during periods of long absence
  • for secure storage of personal belongings or documents
  • for valuable corporate assets storage

RIB depository provides modern and fireproof vaults with individual safe-deposit boxes of different sizes. The depository room is guarded around the clock, and is equipped with appropriate secure alarm system.

Advantages of using safe-deposit boxes

  • Modern and reliable storage
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Possibility to select the size of the safe-deposit box
  • Various safe-deposit box rental periods

In order to use the safe-deposit box rental service, the Customer should sign the Safe-Deposit Box Rental Agreement. During the subsequent visits to the depository, the Customer is granted access by showing an ID, while the authorised representative of the Customer should show an ID and a valid power of attorney.

Rental Agreement of Individual Safe - Deposit Boxes

Price List “Individual safe-deposit boxes”

For more information about the individual safe-deposit boxes, please call our Customer Info Service at (+371) 67 359 000 or send an e-mail to