Investment deposit

We offer the opportunity to invest funds in an Investment deposit, which provides the possibility to earn a return that significantly surpasses that of an ordinary term deposit, with no risk on the principal.

The return of the Investment deposit is tied to the performance of the underlying asset, which in most cases is a stock publicly traded on developed exchanges in Europe and the USA.

The Bank does not limit the Client’s return, so, in the case of a significant favourable change in the price of the underlying asset, the return on the Investment deposit may far exceed the rate on an ordinary term deposit.

Using own extensive experience in the global financial markets, the Bank develops its investment deposit programs so that they function with the highest possible probability of positive returns. We also provide the possibility of developing an individual Investment deposit program, taking into account specific requests of the Client.

If you are interested in the Investment deposit programs, do not hesitate to call the Customer Info Service: 67 359 000 or e-mail to: