Bond Issue

A Bond is an attractive investment tool for Clients who choose long term deposits with stable income.

JSC „Regionala investiciju banka” issued Bonds is an excellent long term deposit form, moreover, investing in Bonds, you participate in the bank’s development.

On January 6 of the year 2016, the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) Council registered the main prospectus regarding the bonds offer program of JSC „Regionala investiciju banka” in the frameworks of which it’s possible to issue public offer of Bonds in the amount of     20 million USD.

The goal of subordinated Bonds issue is to attract the funds to finance the bank’s main activity and increase the bank’s subordinated capital in accordance with the prudential requirements of the European Parliament and Council of Europe Regulation No. 575/2013 (June 26 of the year 2013) regarding credit institutions and investment firms stated in the EU Regulation No. 648/2012.

The main prospectus regarding bonds offer program (Russian language)

Final provisions of bonds offer program regarding subordinated Bonds of first series issue RIB SUBUSD-01/2016

Final Terms for Public Offer of Subordinated Bonds of the third series issue RIB SUBUSD-03/2016

Final Terms for Public Offer of Subordinated Bonds of the fourth series issue RIB SUBUSD-04/2016

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