Investment Funds

RIB offers its Customers a possibility to invest their funds in investment funds – a simple and modern tool of the financial system that ensures efficient management of your funds and increase of your capital. 

Investments in investment funds are characterised by several advantages:

  • Professional management – funds in the investment funds are managed by a professional team of fund analysts and brokers that are experienced and have knowledge of the financial markets;
  • Diversification – assets of investment funds are invested in various financial instruments with different risk degrees in various regions which as a result minimises the total risk;
  • Liquidity – when investing in a fund, no specific investment maturity is defined, which means that the invested funds are freely available and can be accessed within a few days;
  • Access to the global securities markets – by investing in the funds, a Customer can become a participant of the global securities market without having to possess a large initial capital.

RIB offers its Customers to purchase certificates issued by the following funds:

In order to be able to make investments in the above investment funds, you have to open a current account and a financial instruments account at our Bank. Moreover, you will be able to submit all the investment funds orders remotely via the Internetbank or at the Bank.

When investing in any of the funds, it is possible to choose the fund with higher risk which will allow making a larger profit or to select a fund with a lower risk which will ensure a more moderate growth of investments. Please duly assess the financial risks that you undertake when purchasing the investment fund certificates!

Investment Funds Selection Tool

Should you have any questions about the purchase of the investment funds certificates, do not hesitate to call our Customer Info Service: 67 359 000.

(!) Information herein has been provided without taking into account the Customer’s experience, knowledge, goals, financial capabilities and the ability to undertake the risk degree related to the respective investment services, and this information should not be deemed to be a consultation or recommendation to make investments in financial instruments in the meaning of the Financial Instrument Market Law. The Customer is fully aware of, accepts and undertakes all the decisions and risks related to investments in financial instruments. The funds’ historic profitability does not guarantee future profitability. The Bank does not evaluate the suitability of the funds for the Customer, therefore the Customer is not subject to the investor's protection stipulated in the regulatory enactments. The Bank is not obliged to compensate any losses (including lost profit) which may be caused to the Customer when investing in financial instruments.