Payment cards

We offer to our Customers – both legal entities and individuals – the following international payment cards – Maestro, MasterCard Mass, Business, Gold as well as exclusive card World Elite, which can be used to pay for goods and services, as well as to withdraw cash in any country in the world.

Using our payment cards, our Customer has the following privileges:

  • safe payment – all our payment cards are smart cards with an embedded special chip or a microprocessor that provides additional security, as the Customer would be asked to enter the PIN code at the moment of authorizing the operation. In addition to the embedded chips all cards also have a magnetic stripe which provides the opportunity to make payments if smart cards are not accepted in some trading places;
  • money safety – although the money is stored in the bank, the Customer has the right and possibility to access it 24 hours a day, using a payment card. Furthermore, if necessary, the Customer can block his or her card either by using Internet Bank or calling the Customer Info Service 24 hours a day;
  • convenient payment – using a payment card, the Customer can make payments in any world currency, therefore there is no need to worry about currency conversion while travelling.

A payment card is attached to a separate card’s account, which can be refilled at any given time. The Customer can select the card’s account currency which he or she finds most suitable: euro or US dollars that would enable adjusting the card’s currency to the operations carried out on an everyday basis.

Payment cards for several card users can be issued for one card account.  

The Customer shall find it very convenient and quick to obtain the information about payment with a card and learn about the actual balance of the card’s account using Internet Bank or SMS bank services; in addition, the actual balance of the card’s account can also be found in all automatic teller machines throughout Latvia.

All payment cards are issued for 2 years.

We would be glad to help each of our Customers individually to choose the most suitable payment card and the amount of the credit limit.

Cards Information Service: (+371) 67 33 22 00
E - mail:
Working hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 17:45 p.m.

! If your payment card is lost, stolen or you have any other questions concerning cards outside Bank's working hours, please contact the Help desk of Worldline Latvia on (+371) 67 092 555.

In order to get detailed information, please read:

Terms and Conditions of Issue, Use and Servicing of Payment Cards

Service pricelist for residents

Service pricelist for non-residents