Using our payment cards you will be able:

  • to withdraw cash from ATMs in any country of the world 24 hours a day 7 days a week;
  • to check actual balance of the card account at ATMs;
  • not to worry about currency conversion when you withdraw cash in a foreign country because money will be automatically converted and you will receive it in the currency of that country.

In order to provide protection of Customers’ money, the following daily limits of cash withdrawals apply:

  • Maestro 700 EUR/ 1000 USD
  • MasterCard Mass 1500 EUR/ 2000 USD
  • MasterCard Business 2000 EUR/ 3000 USD
  • MasterCard Gold 2000 EUR/ 3000 USD
  • MasterCard World Elite 3500 EUR/ 5000 USD

These limits shall not apply to purchases or cash withdrawal from bank cash offices

ATM Locator

Bank card holders are provided with an opportunity to find the nearest ATM in the MasterCard network. See here.