MasterCard Gold

Bank’s trust testimony

MasterCard Gold is a prestigious credit card that is used both by individuals and legal entities; it provides its owners with a wide range of possibilities. MasterCard Gold credit card is assigned/registered only with the credit limit, and thus confirms the bank’s trust in the Customer.

Having a MasterCard Gold card, the Customer can implement the following possibilities provided by the present credit card:

  • pay for purchases and services free of charge both in Latvia and abroad;
  • withdraw cash in the automatic teller machines with MasterCard logo, and in the branches of other banks both in Latvia and abroad;
  • make payments online or on the telephone;
  • obtain additional funding till the card’s expiry date without making monthly payments;
  • use the credit limit at a lower interest rate;
  • select the most suitable currency of his or her card’s account, that is, euro or US dollars;
  • stop worrying about currency conversion, as the present card allows paying in any world currency;
  • book hotels, plane tickets, car rent and other services;    
  • book and make payments for participation in conferences, seminars, etc.;
  • obtain travel insurance free of charge, which gives additional security to the Customer, if he or she travels frequently;
  • favorable conditions for car rental;
  • follow and monitor expenses in a convenient and quick way, as well as learn about the actual balance of the card’s account using the Internet Bank and SMS bank.

In order to apply for a MasterCard Gold payment card, you should fill in a special application and submit it to the bank.

Service pricelist for residents

Service pricelist for non-residents