Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance Service will ensure support and assistance to a World Elite cardholder, their traveling companions and relatives at home should an unforeseen or emergency situation occur during a trip.

Travel Assistance will provide the following assistance to a World Elite cardholder:

  • Transmission of urgent messages to all people concerned about an emergency situation
  • Administrative assistance in case of loss of important documents such as visa, passport, airline tickets
  • Advance of funds if there will be no possibility to pay with a card
  • Retrieval and re-routing of luggage should it be lost during a trip
  • Unexpected return to the country of residence should an accident occur with a World Elite cardholder during a trip or if a close relative gets ill/injured or cardholder's property gets damaged at home
  • Dispatch of replacement personal items (e.g. glasses or contact lenses) that are essential to continue a trip if these items have been left at home, lost, broken or stolen during a trip.

Should World Elite cardholder need medical assistance, Travel Assistance will settle the formalities and provide the necessary support also in solving non-standard situations. For instance, Travel Assistance will ensure:

  • A hotel room for the recovery period after hospital discharge
  • Emergency visit: in case of hospitalisation an airline ticket and place to stay for a close person should medical evacuation back home be impossible
  • Return of children back home should they be left unattended
  • Medical monitoring of a seriously ill close relative and keeping the cardholder informed about their health status
  • Dispatch of essential medicines should they be unavailable in a respective country.

Travel Assistance will also provide a World Elite cardholder with legal support and assistance:

  • In case a civil liability is filed to a court against the World Elite cardholder
  • In case a third party causes damage to a World Elite cardholder and legal proceedings should be initiated to obtain reimbursement
  • Advance of bail bonds, warranty or other payment to resolve an emergency situation.

Should an unforeseen situation happen to you during a trip, please call RIB Concierge Service: 00 16 367 225 276