Regular payment

A regular payment is an automatic transfer made on a set date from the Customer’s current account to another account within the Bank, to other commercial bank inLatviaor to another foreign bank. In order to ensure the execution of regular payments you only have to fill out the regular transfer order form once and define all necessary parameters. From then on the transfers will be executed automatically without the Customer’s further involvement.

In order to create a regular payment the Customer can fill out the regular payment order and submit it to the Bank.

Customer selecting one of eight possible regular payment types:

  • Regular payment in euro;
  • Regular international payment;
  • Regular budget payment;
  • Regular intrabank payment;
  • Regular payment between User’s accounts;
  • Regular payment for account minimum balance maintenance;
  • Regular payment for account maximum balance maintenance.

By using the regular payment service the Customers can save time and rest assured that their monthly regular payments, e.g. payments for public utilities or leasing, will be made on time.
It is also possible to create a regular payment to top up a payment card account which will guarantee that your card account will be topped up at the time and in the amount defined by the Customer.

There is no additional commission for this service. A commission for the transfer will be withheld from current account in accordance with the services pricelist.

Should you have further questions about the regular payments, do not hesitate to call the Customers Info Service: (+371) 67 359 000.

Regular Payment Terms and Conditions
Services Pricelist for Residents
Services Pricelist for Non-Residents
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