Reģionālā investīciju banka (RIB) is an experienced and modern European bank that takes advantage of its professional team as well as its flexible and innovative approach to provide its customers with banking products and services of the highest quality, paying particular attention to corporate lending and attraction of financing.


We value our customers’ trust and are oriented to mutually beneficial long-term cooperation; therefore, we are forthcoming, friendly, and open in our daily communication.


We have the time and willingness to study the needs of every customer in detail, not being afraid of any complex or complicated cases and, thus, being able to offer the most suitable solution to every customer.


Competence, professionalism, and experience accumulated for many years enable us to make fast, yet thought-through decisions.

We celebrate the birthday of the Bank on September 14, when the historical decision to establish the Bank was made. Shortly afterwards, on October 3, 2001, a new joint stock company “Reģionālā investīciju banka” was registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia and a credit institution’s licence was obtained.

The total share capital of the Bank currently amounts to EUR 32.33M. The nominal value of one share is EUR 1, and one share grants the right to one vote at the shareholders’ meeting.
SIA SKY Investment Holding is currently owning 44.004% of shares. More than 10% of shares is owned by SIA VILLA FLORA (14.427%), Iurii Rodin (26.902%), and Mark Bekker (10.573%).
The remaining shares belong to one legal entity and two private individuals. They jointly own 4,093% of shares.

44.004% SKY Investment Holding
26.902% Iurii Rodin
10.573% Mark Bekker

The RIB Council represents the shareholders’ interests and its main task is to control the activity of the Board. The Council is elected for five years; its meetings are convoked at least once a quarter, and the RIB Council consists of five members.
The latest changes in the composition of the RIB Council were registered in the Commercial Register of Latvia on May 23, 2022.

Iurii Rodin

Chairman of the Council

Mark Bekker

Deputy Chairman of the Council

Alla Vanecjanc

Member of the Council

Margot Kahr Jacobs

Independent member of the council

Maksym Tsymbal

Member of the Council

Members of the Bank’s Board are elected for five years. The main function of the Board is to ensure daily operations of the Bank. The RIB Board currently consists of five members.

* The Bank is registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia as AS “Reģionālā investīciju banka”

Aleksandrs Jakovlevs

Chairman of the Board

Andrii Homza

Member of the Board

Dace Gaigala

Member of the Board

Vita Matvejeva

Member of the Board

Edgars Vadzitis

Member of the Board

Vita Matvejeva