30 April Bank news

AS “Reģionālā investīciju banka” joined the moratorium

AS “Reģionāla investīciju banka” joined the loan payment moratorium for private obligors, proposed by the Finance Latvia Association. According to this moratorium, bank customers with loans will have the possibility of applying for the grace period upon a prior notice to the bank. AS “Reģionāla investīciju banka” will provide customers in financial difficulties, caused by the outbreak of Covid-19, with the possibility of postponing mortgage loan principal repayment for up to 12 months. The moratorium has been developed in accordance with the Guidelines of the European Banking Authority, agreed with the Financial and Capital Market Commission, and examined by the Competition Council after consultations with the European Commission.

AS “Reģionāla investīciju banka” joined the banks providing support to their customers in settling short-term difficulties with loan repayment.

A request for the grace period can be submitted in the Internet Banking system in the form of a message.

Terms and conditions to be observed by loan obligors to use the possibilities provided by the moratorium are available here.