15 January Bank news

Report about the tariffs

Dear Customer!

Please be informed that AS "Reģionālā investīciju banka", observing the normative Regulation Nr.84 of the The Financial and Capital Market Commission, ensures an opportunity for the concumers* to receive a report on tariffs applied to you for services related to the payment account.
The report is available for the period from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2020.
The aim of the report is to give you an opportunity to find out about the tariffs applied, understand and be able to compare with other banks as to which payment account suits your needs the best.
Should you wish to receive the report, please contact the Bank by filling in an application in the Internet Banking system or at the Bank's office.
The Bank will prepare the report within 5 business days.
*Consumer – a Customer (individual) that is to be considered to be a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

Best regards,
AS "Reģionālā investīciju baka"