Regional Investment Bank can offer Customers profitable deposit services. If you have money available and you know you will not need it for the next year or so, you can use one of our deposit options. Our Customers have access to a wide range of accounts and your choice of account and interest period is negotiable. Customers can make their deposits in US dollars or Euros. They can also choose the time period of the deposit - from three months to five years. It is possible to deposit as little as 500 US dollars or 500 Euros. Interest earned you may receive once per month or at the end of the deposit term. To open a deposit account it is possible for our Customers to visit our bank personally at: Latvia - 2 J.Alunana Street, Riga Ukraine - 6/1 Krasnova Street, Odessa. It is possible to fill out Deposit application in Internet Bank.

RIB offers its Customers to invest funds in subordinated deposit. Subordinated deposit is an investment into the Bank's subordinated capital, which allows becoming the Bank's partner for a certain period of time. Deposit into the subordinated capital: Allows larger profit as the subordinated deposit rates are higher than those of standard deposit rates on the market;