Open Banking Test Platform

The EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) obliges banks to provide access to customer data to any accordingly licensed company. Thus, banks provide an opportunity to third parties – service providers – to create digital solutions of the new generation in the field of finances, which enable customers to manage their accounts and make payments in an even faster, more convenient and easier manner, without the loss of strict data protection and security.

As of 25.02.2019, AS “Reģionālā investīciju banka”, observing PSD2 requirements, opens access to the test environment of the Open Banking platform for third parties (financial technology (fintech) companies, start-ups, application software developers).

What is RIB Open Banking?
It is a platform that ensures licensed service providers a possibility of connecting to the Bank’s infrastructure using the application programming interface (API) and creating digital solutions of the latest generation in the field of finances for their customers.  
Currently, the platform can be used for testing and development purposes. Only test data, which are not actual, genuine customer data, are available (no exchange of sensitive information will occur through the testing mechanism). 
What can be tested on RIB Open Banking?
Using API, a functionality for testing payment initiation and account information services with test data will be available on the platform.
How can RIB Open Banking be accessed?
To get access, please send the following information to the Bank by email to [email protected]:
– name, surname of the contact person
– email address of the contact person
– name of the company
– description of company’s operations
– licence No.*
– IP-address, from which you are planning to connect.
* Number of the licence issued by a Payment Institution or an Electronic Money Institution. The list of authorities entitled to issue these licences is available here.
If obtaining of a licence is currently in progress (the relevant application was submitted to any authority from the list), please specify that.
The representative of the Bank will contact you within two business days and provide necessary documentation and access rights to the test environment.
AS “Reģionālā investīciju banka” will provide support to connection and functional testing and is always open for new ideas and opportunities. Should additional questions arise, please contact the Bank by email at [email protected]