Your successful business will require a safe and efficient solution for payments with your partners. We offer our customers an opportunity to make both domestic and international payments quickly, safely and efficiently.

We ensure payments according to the currency and payment type chosen by the customer. By choosing the payment priority, you determine also the speed of execution of the payment. A standard transfer has lower commission fees that an urgent or express payment, whereas an express transfer is guaranteed immediate processing.

When filling out a payment order, it is also necessary to specify the commission fee type: to pay the commission fee in full, in part or to allow the recipient to cover transfer costs (OUR, SHA, BEN).

Intrabank Payments

Transfers between your accounts at the bank are executed within a couple of seconds 24/7. An intrabank payment is a fast solution also for payments with counterparties that have accounts opened at our bank.

European Payments (SEPA)

SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) payment is a payment in euro with no amount restrictions and within the euro area, where the beneficiary’s account number must be specified in IBAN format. SEPA payments are performed between 28 EU Member States, as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein, which are included in the Schengen area.

A European (SEPA) payment must comply with the following requirements:

  • the payment currency is euro;
  • the payment is executed for the full amount – the commission fee is determined by applying the shared (SHA) method;
  • the payment has no amount restrictions;
  • IBAN account standards are used in transfers;
  • single erroneous payment refund procedures are observed.

International Payments

International payments are transfers to foreign banks in any currency, in which the bank performs transactions. An international transfer in a foreign currency is a safe and popular method of transferring funds, which allows sending money to any country of the world within the SWIFT system.

Regular Payment

A regular payment is an automatic transfer performed on the pre-set date from the customer’s current account to other account at the Bank, other Latvian commercial bank or other foreign bank. 

Moreover, it is possible to receive a payment order confirmation in the international format.


  • a payment order form to be filled in only once for a regular payment;
  • automatic execution of regular payments without additional participation of a customer;
  • time savings;
  • assurance that monthly regular payments, e.g., utility bills or lease payments, are made on time;
  • an opportunity to create a regular payment to credit the payment card account;
  • without an additional commission fee for the service, the commission fee is deducted from the current account only for the respective transfer in accordance with the Price List.


Regular Payment Terms and Conditions

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